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New "Hooked Up Fishing" Monthly Subscription Program

Lake Fork Trophy Lures (LFT) is very pleased to announce the introduction of its new "Hooked Up Fishing" monthly lure subscription program. This new program is a kit of lures, hooks, and other fishing items at the beginning of each month, beginning on February 1, 2019. Each month's shipment will include 3 FULL bags/packages of soft plastic lures, appropriate hooks, and one premium item like our LFT hard baits. We will include our well known LFT soft lures made here in Emory, Texas, as well as a bag of a preferred vendor partner's lures. Additionally, we will include a full package of Hayabusa Japanese hooks and one premium lure/fishing item such as our LFT hard baits. Our goal is to send a total package retail valued at $35 to $40 each month, strongly supported by LFT's well known premium quality and excellent customer service of our last 21+ years since our inception. As we continue to develop new colors and prototype lures, we will include these in our monthly kits to give our subscribers a first look at these new items. We will add rigging tips and customer service assistance from either me as Owner/CEO by phone or one of other partners or Pro Staff members. Our very competitive monthly price will be $26.99 per month, and may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually with appropriate discounts for these payments in advance. Such subscriptions may be cancelled at any time with notice as well. You may now sign up at "" through your computer/phone URL address bar.

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Limit Fishing Products

Lake Fork Trophy Lures is proud to announce that they are one of the first dealers of the new Limit Fishing Rods. They all feature nano-carbon blanks which are extremely light yet very strong. There are two series of rods. The 5 series featuring stainless guides and guide inserts, a tangle free tip guide, and EVA handles. The 5 series rods sell for $129.99 for the 7' and under models and $149.99 for the longer than 7' models. The Elite series version features titanium guides, tangle free tip guide, and premium cork handles. The Elite series rods sell for $199.99. | We also have a line of apparel, topwater baits, hard baits, and soft bodied swim baits from Limit Fishing Products.

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LFT Creatures


The Lake Fork Tackle 5" Fork Creature is an irresistible combination of a curl tail grub, a ringed worm, and a wing worm. Its large, ringed body emits air bubbles for a breathing action. The large curl tail sets up a natural swimming action. The two spade wings create an irresistible vibration. The Fork Creature is a versatile lure that is productive when fished on a Carolina Rig, Texas Rig, or as a trailer on a jig head. The action of the 5" Fork Creature is best when the lure is on the fall, setting both the spade wings and the large curl tail into motion.

No other creature bait can boast of producing massive largemouth bass like this one. The Baby Creature, too, though smaller in stature, is one of the most versatile soft baits: it can be used as a jig trailer, as a Texas Rig bait, on a Carolina Rig, a shakey head jig, or even as a drop shot soft bait. Oh, and did we mention that it swims perfectly through the water, emitting vibrations and crazy flashes that drive largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass crazy.

Length Quantity per Package Price
4" Baby 9 $5.69
5" 7 $5.69

Colors Available


Black Magic


Black Neon


Blue Bruiser (Black/ Blue)


Blue Fleck


Chartreuse Pepper




Green Pumpkin


June Bug


Killer Craw




Watermelon Candy


Watermelon Seed


Watermelon Seed/ Chartreuse Pepper


Watermelon Seed/ Rd Flake


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